At Thomson we access the hearts of house hunters like no other agent can. Anyone can pop your property into the broader marketing engine. However like good reporters, only Thomson can unearth the story in your home. That’s important because when you advertise your property for sale, the brand, the ad and the marketing should signal to the buyer “this home has a story worth selling”.

Thomson has been a family values business servicing Melbourne suburbs for over 135 years. Our vision has always been to create a company built on trust and service.

Today Thomson boasts a truly independent multiple-office network. It could not have been made possible without the efforts of our team, made up of people whose expertise, hard work and integrity are simply without peer.

There are no short cuts to our approach. Each and every client is unique and our people will listen and pay close attention so that they can meet and exceed your goals.

Be in the know. Get the most out of our insights before and after you move into your new home